From a firm foundation of science, the Institute of Integrated Health and Wellbeing aims to reframe the conversation on health, nurture creative solutions, explore cutting edge ideas, and engage the public in an active emphasis on optimal health.


The Institute of Integrated Health and Wellbeing seeks to catalyze new ideas in healthcare. We are committed to advancing science with expanded research methods, linking experts across disciplines to generate new ideas, mentoring the leaders of today and tomorrow, exploring new models of health, and discovering fresh ways to engage the public in its pursuit of health.

Guiding Principles

We recognize innovation may come from unexpected places. We value originality, creativity, transparency, and collegiality and support people with bright ideas who have a proven track record. We are not interested in supporting the status quo or taking incremental steps. We do not support projects that fall under the auspices of conventional funding sources. We create an environment where contemplation and mindful interaction are integral to our discussions and decision-making process.


The vision for the Institute of Integrated Health and Wellbeing is to optimize people’s health and well-being and shift the healthcare system from its predominant focus on managing disease to a focus on promoting health across the lifespan.

We are building an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and healing. Our growing network of international scholars will expand the boundaries of the science of health, translating research into practice and testing new models of care. We will guide future leaders toward a more integrative health system and in the Spring of 2014 we'll create a state-of-the-art clinic and resort which will set the standard for how integrative medicine and nature is best practiced and provide a place to train visiting doctors.

The Institute of Integrated Health and Wellbeing is an interactive and collaborative educational project examining the subject of alternative health care & wellness and endeavors to bring forth new thought, simple and sensible resources and solutions to people which can be used to establish a healthier more enjoyable lifestyle. What Is "New Thought" In Health and Wellness?

Acknowledging thousands of years of practices, and creating an integrative approach while combining the best of conventional western style medicine along with the successes of ancient traditional methods is a solution for a growing number of people.

The Institute of Integrated Health and Wellbeing "New Thought" revolution provides a look at our health from a "New Thought" perspective steeped in tradition and successes of our past as a people, successes in health and overall wellbeing. It was and is an approach utilizing the elements in nature to help the body heal in every way.

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