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Time To Stop The Pain is Taking Our Course On The Road For A 15 State Tour.

Time To Stop The Pain, manufacture of Natural Earth Therapeutic Body Wear, has partnered with IHAW.org, an interactive and collaborative educational project examining the subject of alternative health care & wellness and endeavors to bring forth new thought, simple and sensible resources and solutions to people which can be used to establish a healthier more enjoyable lifestyle.

As scheduled, in 2013, Time To Stop The Pain’s market expansion is expected to be doubled with emphasis on creating local awareness of our services and products to meet local fundraising demands.

Time To Stop The Pain announced late in 2011, plans for market expansion into 15 states. This new phase of expansion re-affirms our long-term commitment in educating the public on natural health care solutions, aiming at becoming the leading brand name for Natural Earth Ion Therapy and furthermost, the leading brand name in Natural Health Care Education and Products.

THE NEW THOUGHT CHALLENGE ia not just about health and wellbeing, it's about all of us coming together and supporting each other as we work to take control of our lives.

It about taking the time to reach out and know each other as we join forces to fight the very real risk that not living a healthy lifestyle poses to ourselves, families and our community.

To learn more how you can join our mission, or to check our local schedule, Click here for more.

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