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The Institute of Integrated Health and Wellbeing created a forum on health for people looking for information that will hopefully result in your investigating further on your own answers and solutions that satisfy you. Is it time for you to go beyond the limits of conventional medical advice and seek solutions as to the root cause of your health issues? That is a challenge that is left up to you. The journey back to health is quite often much less challenging than having to face the decision to change a lifestyle that will produce better health.

Make no mistake, there is no substitute for competent western medical advice. Conventional health theory regarding chronic issues is simply different in its basis and approach than more natural based methods and theories that have been used for thousands of years.

Make use of the information in The Institute of Integrated Health and Wellbeing Growing Library of full spectrum information and resources that may spawn for you, a "New Thought" approach platform from which you can formulate the questions you want satisfactory answers to.

From Certification of Health Coaches and Planners to empowering individuals to take control of their health, The Institute of Integrated Health and Wellbeing continues to forge new discoveries and unearth hidden treasures for greater health and wellbeing.

After taking our "Secrets To Living Longer" Course and Graduating, you will be issued a IHAW Certification and you could launch your own Health Planning and Coaching Business.
A Certified Health Planner and Coach helps people identify goals in their personal health and wellbeing. By asking the right questions, we determine their goals and help our client make a plan to achieve them.

By helping our clients explore the health options in their lives, we can challenge them to go beyond their comfort zone with ease. We help remove roadblocks such as fear, procrastination, perfectionism, and through subsequent sessions, hold our clients accountable for remaining on the path to health and wellbeing success.

P.S. If you have any questions, call us NOW and speak with one of our Health Planners (not a sales call) and you'll discover the passion we have for helping people gain the most from their life. Call now if you are with any type of question.
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